Về Tân Trường Sơn Group

Tan Truong Son Group

Starting a business with CREATIVE aspiration:

With more than 20 years of construction and development, Tan Truong Son Group is a leading manufacturer in the field of rolling doors and aluminum doors in Vietnam. With the business philosophy: “creative – reliable – sustainable”, Tan Truong Son Group is always at the forefront of technology, bringing creativity towards a completely new lifestyle: modern, classy, ​​reliable. suitable for all types of architecture, bringing a unique and perfect experience to customers.

Along with the strategy of sustainable development, Tan Truong Son Group always focuses on product quality as a core value, while promoting Vietnamese wisdom while preserving traditional and human values. a good and happy life for people, specifically: investment in modern production lines, imported directly from Germany and Switzerland, Tan Truong Son’s closed production line is a proof for the leading technology in the field of manufacturing aluminum doors and rolling doors today.

The product lines under the Tan Truong Son Group brand are manufactured entirely from imported aluminum alloy billets with outstanding quality and many advantages when used. These products are manufactured and assembled in sync with smart accessories that bring out the best in the product.
Do not stop improve

Tan Truong Son Group continuously researches, improves and applies modern science and technology to products of outstanding quality, maintaining its leading position in rolling door and aluminum door technology. Specifically, we have more than 250 patents, patents, utility solutions, industrial designs that have been certified by the National Office of Intellectual Property.

With the goal of pioneering in TECHNOLOGY, with the spirit of CREATIVE ENTERPRISE, Tan Truong Son Group wishes to create high-class products, contribute to improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people, and elevate the position of the Vietnamese people. position of Vietnamese brands in the international arena.

Changing strategic direction

Applying high technology, Tan Truong Son Group aluminum increasingly asserts its brand in the Vietnamese market.

The emergence of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has opened up many advantages for businesses, bringing potential and quality efficiency in all fields, including the production of Aluminum bars. Tan Truong Son Group has invested in building a large-scale production factory with a closed, highly automated production line.

The closed process is: Imported Billet Aluminum -> Pressing – Extrusion -> Aging, hardening -> Cooling -> Surface treatment -> Chromate plating (Gold luster when illuminated) -> Powder coating high-class (warranty up to 35 years according to the company’s standard, can be painted according to customer’s requirements) -> Packing, checking before shipment.

Serious investment in the production line is also a change in the traditional direction, towards the application of technology in management and operation, to the breath of the 4.0 revolution.

Reality has proven that 4.0 technology is considered as a weapon of enterprises in the competition for quality as well as in the field of aluminum production. The investment in technology, factories and production lines will help Tan Truong Son Group dominate domestic and international markets. This is considered a strategic step of Tan Truong Son Group in the current integration era.

Breakthrough with Enterprise Digital Transformation

In the face of current challenges, Tan Truong Son Group identifies argument shifting as an important strategy that contributes to improving governance capacity, which is also the driving force for the group’s future development.

The digital transformation from operation, production control, business and marketing processes will contribute to improving management capacity and competitiveness and sales.

Tan Truong Son Group will carry out the digital transformation from bringing digital transformation into production business activities, applying supporting software in human resource management to optimize the management and operation process. In addition, the use of digital transformation applications to link and connect with agents and customers about products and services, sales programs and brands to improve customer experience but still need to be synchronized by the company’s existing management systems.