About Tan Truong Son Group

Tan Truong Son group

Starting a business with youthful aspirations


In 2001, Investment Supervision and Management Consulting Joint Stock Company (abbreviated SMiC), the predecessor of FLC, was born.

In the early years of starting a business, together with young aspiring associates at SMiC Company in the role of law consultant, investment manager, lawyer Trinh Van Quyet, the founder of the company, has accumulated knowledge and experience on mechanisms, policies, investment and business environment in Vietnam as well as investment methods of foreign economic groups. Along with that, the personal reputation of lawyer Trinh Van Quyet and SMiC Company has gradually been built, increasingly asserting a firm foothold in the hearts of partners and customers.

Change strategic orientation

In 2010, the merger of member companies gave birth to FLC Group Joint Stock Company, marking the qualitative development of the business and laying the foundation for the next stage of development. .

In 2011, the FLC brand was officially recognized widely with the event that FLC listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange, along with the feat of completing the FLC Landmark Tower project 4 months ahead of schedule.

After nearly two years of listing on the Hanoi Stock Exchange, in August 2013, the Group’s Board of Directors decided to switch to listing on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. HCM. This event is a step to create momentum for FLC to accelerate development.

The stock market has helped FLC mobilize important medium and long-term capital sources, with over VND 3,000 billion of charter capital in 2014, as a basis for the Group to transform investment ideas into projects. practice, turning opportunities into tangible assets.

A decisive breakthrough M&A


At the end of 2013, the real estate market entered an adjustment cycle, thousands of projects had to suspend construction or be transferred. Realizing that this is an opportunity for FLC to expand its real estate investment at the lowest cost and at the same time shorten the project development time, the Group’s Board of Directors decided to promote M&A activities. projects in Hanoi.

The opening for this M&A campaign is the acquisition of the Alaska Garden City Urban Area project at Dai Mo, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi in August 2013, then renamed FLC Garden City. Followed by the Big Complex Tower 36 Pham Hung project, now renamed FLC Complex; The Lavender Ha Dong, now FLC Star Tower, and the twin towers 265 Cau Giay are now Bamboo Airways Tower, bringing the total investment of M&A real estate projects to approximately VND 10,000 billion.

All projects immediately after purchase were revived by the Group by immediately starting to deploy. This on the one hand affirms the prestige of FLC, on the other hand helps to bring projects to the forefront of the market’s recovery.