–          The recent development of high-rise buildings, high-end commercial centers,  aluminum glass premium is the main material in high-rise buildings.

–         Following the needs of customers, and the ability to resist the weather and climate of Vietnam,  premium aluminum and glass  is also constantly developing in terms of quality, design as well as new combination materials to create a system. Perfect aluminum and glass.

–         Besides safety tempered laminated glass models, box glass is also a choice to promote sound insulation, heat insulation, create a sense of comfort and save more energy. The initial investment for using this product is much lower than the benefits it brings, so it is increasingly widely used in construction and is a wise choice of investors.

–         Glass is very fragile, and very dangerous when it is on high-rise buildings. In the current construction regulations in our country, for high-rise apartment buildings from the 5th floor and above, it is mandatory to use safety glass. Especially in case of fire and explosion, its heat resistance is very poor. These disadvantages always give glass manufacturers the task of improving the strength and heat resistance of glass. For the construction of high-rise buildings in the tropics, one of the design strategies is to choose surface materials with low heat transfer values ​​to minimize the adverse effects of radiation and light. the sun affects the building. In addition, the  glass material  must also be able to withstand the lateral impact of wind loads that increase with building height, which high-rise buildings pose a significant challenge.

–         How should glass be chosen for high-rise buildings?

–         From the above requirements, we have come up with a solution that is to choosesafety, soundproof, heat-resistant glass.

–         This glass is composed by: (5mm VFG + 0.38mm PVB + 4mm Sunergy) + 6mm argon + 5mm Tempered.

–         According to the figure we see:

+ The outer layer of safety glass (5mm VFG + 0.38mm PVB + 4mm Sunergy) is made up of 02 types of glass linked together through a transparent PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) film. Has the effect of increasing the strength of the glass plate without changing the optical properties; In the event the glass is broken, they will crack (in a spider web fashion) and stick together and get stuck on the aluminum frame.

+ The inner layer of tempered glass is ordinary glass that is machined to shape according to the design size, then put into a furnace to melt to a soft point and then cooled slowly under strictly controlled conditions. This tempering process has the effect of eliminating the uneven stresses of ordinary glass, and at the same time creating a uniform stress on the entire glass, which is what causes when there is a force large enough to If you break the glass, the tempered glass will shatter like a grain of corn. As for ordinary glass, due to the uneven bonding stresses, it cannot be broken. Tempered glass has higher strength than normal glass, so it is used in many fields: car glass, airplane glass, large plate glass in construction…