Company Culture

Tan Truong Son Culture

The culture of Tan Truong Son has been formed and developed during the Group’s development. The core cultural values are also an invaluable asset maintained and carried on by generations of TTS’s members.


Tan Truong Son Group is an organization that is constantly learning, creating, different in thinking and innovative in action. With the message “Creativity for a better life”, every individual in the organization strives to learn and improve every day, bringing new values and standards to customers through products and services. service.

Love technology

As a business unit in the field of building materials, TTS people have a love of technology, constantly learning and exploring new technologies to nurture creativity and breakthrough ability in construction. creating high-tech products.


In all conditions and circumstances, the strength of solidarity always brings great achievements. TTS people are always deeply aware of this value throughout the process of formation and development. From the founding members to thousands of employees, solidarity helps TTS overcome the storm to succeed.


TTS builds a respectful and grateful collective. All members have their own responsibility and contribution to the success of the Group. Each BossDoor person is always given the best conditions to improve their capacity and life, respect each other’s contributions and be fair in recognition. We are always very aware of the importance of each individual in the organization, grateful for their efforts and contributions.


TTS strives to become a trusted companion for each partner, each customer, and the community, starting from building trust in the organization. With the company’s vision, mission, and the motto “customer is the center”, we reach and become the leading prestigious Vietnamese Brand